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Empowering the Interactive Live-Video Classroom with Assessments

CourseWeaver and newrow_ announce partnership to bring powerful assessment engine to interactive, live-video classrooms

June 10, 2015

An increasing number of schools are transitioning to online classrooms as a way of both challenging their students and solving budgeting constraints. With everything from live classroom experiences to instructor office hours, these environments foster communication and help facilitate learning, but often lack the resources to provide flexible and powerful assessments. With assessment tools as our specialty, we’re happy to announce that we’re partnering with newrow_ to bring the power of our testing engine to the newrow_ interactive live-video environment.

East Lansing, MI – Educational technology companies CourseWeaver® and newrow_ have formed a partnership in which CourseWeaver will integrate its Homework System into the newrow_ platform. The partnership brings the power of CourseWeaver’s assessment engine into the interactive live-video classroom from newrow_, providing educators full access to the power of both systems in one place.

The partnership exemplifies the shared vision of the two companies: provide a seamless and engaging online experience for both students and instructors. Students learning face-to-face in the newrow_ video classroom will be able to quickly and easily take advantage of CourseWeaver’s feature rich Homework System and powerful assessment engine. Additionally, current Homework System users will now be able to use the newrow_ video classroom platform to allow for interactive, face-to-face instruction online. The integration will be available for all users for the upcoming 2015 fall semester.

Rob Fulk, CEO of CourseWeaver states: “We are excited to work with the newrow_ team on the CourseWeaver integration. The newrow_ platform is the next-generation of online learning – providing a synchronous real-time classroom from anywhere, which more closely mimics the experience of live classrooms, counter to the abundance of static “page-turner” online courses.”

As Eyal Hillman, CEO of newrow_ adds: “We believe that face-to-face instruction and collaboration are essential components of every online course. By partnering with CourseWeaver, students can learn the foundations at their own pace with interactive homework and apply their learning as they collaborate face-to-face with peers and instructors on newrow. We’re excited about how this partnership creates more dynamic courses that keep students motivated, engaged and learning.”

newrow_ for education

newrow_ for education is a video classroom platform that connects students and instructors face-to-face online in a way that mimics the physical classroom. With the entire class on screen via video, communicating face-to-face with each other while collaborating over any digital media, makes learning simple, intuitive and effective. Additionally, instructors are able to break students into ad-hoc discussion groups or assigned project groups allowing students to discuss concepts, act-out scenarios or work together. The platform’s study rooms enhance the collaborative study experience and foster peer-to-peer discussions whenever students would like. The newrow_ video classroom allows institutions to expand the reach of its online courses, increase retention rates, and easily achieve learning objectives by improving engagement between instructors and students.


CourseWeaver’s next-generation learning platform combines the features of Learning/Course Management Systems (LMS/CMS) with adaptive assessment tools, powerful data analytics, OERs/MOOCs, publisher e-books, e-course packs and an integrated global content marketplace. CW’s vision is for the content to be completely integrated into its platform, pushing past the boundaries of simple e-book/e-coursepack initiatives.

The global marketplace allows independent authors, educators and instructors to author, publish and sell educational content alongside commercial publishers and open-source materials; empowering instructors to share, sell and use the best resources available globally. The system includes powerful tools that permit educators to easily create blended or flipped classrooms and completely personalized learning environments.

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newrow_ provides an interactive video classroom platform purpose-built to instruct large groups of learners online. The company’s advanced collaboration and multi-streaming video technology is trusted by the world’s top online classrooms, corporate training programs, brands and governments. newrow_ allows large groups to interact face-to-face from anywhere, on any device. newrow_ is a privately held company based in New York City. For more information, visit

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