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CourseWeaver Inc. and Michigan Virtual University Form Partnership

Partnership will bring cutting-edge software to 1.6 million students in 3,900 schools across the state.

October 21, 2014

East Lansing, MI – CourseWeaver™ Inc. (CW) and Michigan Virtual University (MVU) have formed a partnership to provide access to cutting-edge CourseWeaver Learning and Content Management System (LCMS) to all K-12 schools in the state of Michigan. This will extend CourseWeaver’s reach to nearly 3 million students across 19 countries.

The partnership combines CW’s LCMS experience with the K-12 education and research expertise of MVU, with MVU contributing to the development of the CW platform, while also providing hosting and distribution across Michigan. MVU’s long-term plan is to migrate its current online course offerings to the CourseWeaver platform.

“Our strategic alliance with CourseWeaver will foster the development of powerful learning tools that have the potential to transform K-12 education,” said Jamey Fitzpatrick, CEO and President of MVU.

CourseWeaver’s next-generation learning platform combines the features of Learning/Course Management Systems with adaptive assessment tools, powerful data analytics, OERs/MOOCS, publisher e-books and e-coursepacks and an integrated global content marketplace.

The global marketplace allows independent authors, educators and instructors to author, publish and sell educational content alongside commercial publishers and free, open-source materials; empowering instructors to share, sell and use the best resources available globally. Its system includes powerful tools that permit educators to easily create blended/flipped classrooms and completely personalized learning environments.

As Robert Fulk, CEO of CourseWeaver states, “We are an educational software company, with a mission to provide educators with flexible, powerful tools that free teachers to teach. The goal of this partnership is to invest in Michigan and help place it at the forefront of the educational technology movement. In collaboration with MVU, we feel we can make our system truly designed by teachers, for teachers.”

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Michigan Virtual University® (MVU)®, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works in partnership with K-12 schools to supplement and expand online learning opportunities. MVU operates the Michigan Virtual School® (MVS®) and has served students in approximately 700 Michigan schools.

CourseWeaver™ is an educational software company with a mission to provide educators with flexible, powerful tools that free teachers to teach. The next-generation CourseWeaver platform is disrupting the “educational delivery chain,” from content publishers and content creation software, to LMS/CMS platforms and online learning tools. The next-generation design merges all of these isolated industries with one, seamless learning platform. Learn more about CourseWeaver at