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CourseWeaver and CEO Rob Fulk invited to attend the 2015 GSV Pioneer Summit

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October 1, 2015

East Lansing, MI – CourseWeaver has announced today that it has been invited personally to attend and network with leading technology pioneers at the annual GSV Pioneer Summit and to share with the educational technology community its vision for online learning.

“We’re really excited to be networking at one of the greatest gatherings of industry pioneers in the world,” said CourseWeaver CEO Rob Fulk. “The incredible wealth of knowledge and people that this summit brings together really generates excitement and spurs innovation.”

The GSV Pioneer Summit is an annual gathering of the world's most forward thinking technology leaders that are transforming the industry and is held at GSV Labs in Redwood City, CA. The Pioneer Summit is a catalyst to accelerate big ideas of the future, where GSV seeks to inspire entrepreneurs to build the game-changing companies of tomorrow. The audience is a group of people passionate about companies transforming industry and society, including: founders, entrepreneurs, growth investors, venture capitalists, industry executives, thought leaders, advisors and more. For more information visit:


GSV (NASDAQ: GSVC) is dedicated to helping education entrepreneurs and growth companies connect with value-added, strategic investors and partners to enable their ideas to become the next market-leading businesses. Rather than a manufacturing focus, GSV is focused on the Education champions of today and tomorrow—the pioneers of technology, intellectual property, communities and social marketplaces, innovative learning environments and institutions and influencers of academic policy. GSV stands for “Global Silicon Valley”—emphasizing its belief that Silicon Valley is no longer just a physical place, but also a mindset that has gone viral.


CourseWeaver’s next-generation learning platform combines the features of Learning/Course Management Systems (LMS/CMS) with adaptive assessment tools, powerful data analytics, OERs/MOOCs, publisher e-books, e-course packs and an integrated global content marketplace. CW’s vision is for the content to be completely integrated into its platform, pushing past the boundaries of simple e-book/e-coursepack initiatives.

The global marketplace allows independent authors, educators and instructors to author, publish and sell educational content alongside commercial publishers and open-source materials; empowering instructors to share, sell and use the best resources available globally. The system includes powerful tools that permit educators to easily create blended or flipped classrooms and completely personalized learning environments.

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GSV Capital Corp. (GSV Capital), is an asset management company launched in April 2011 that offers the first publicly traded security (NASDAQ: GSVC), providing access to venture-backed, rapidly growing companies leading the way in their respective markets. GSVC enables all types of investors to access the tremendous potential of VC-backed growth companies that is created prior to public offerings. Learn more about GSV: and GSV Advisors:

CourseWeaver® is an educational software company with a mission to provide educators with flexible, powerful tools that free teachers to teach. The next-generation CourseWeaver platform is disrupting the “educational delivery chain,” from content publishers and content creation software, to LMS/CMS platforms and online learning tools. The next-generation design merges all of these isolated industries with one, seamless learning platform. Learn more about CourseWeaver at