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End Cheating and See Exactly How Your Students Are Doing

CourseWeaver® and Examity® announce partnership to bring live-proctored online assessments to all CourseWeaver users.

January 3, 2015

Online assessments in courses have been notoriously plagued by cheating – as a result of the explosion in online learning, cheating has become an ever growing issue for institutions hoping to offer alternatives to face-to-face education. Here at CourseWeaver we’re solving this problem by providing schools with powerful tools to ensure the highest quality of online assessments, which is why we’re happy to announce our partnership with Examity, an Ed Tech company that provides live proctoring for online assessments.

East Lansing, MI – Educational technology companies CourseWeaver Inc. and Examity have begun a partnership to provide live proctoring of online assessments through CourseWeaver’s Homework System and Hosted LON-CAPA platform. CourseWeaver’s reach totals nearly 3 million students across 19 countries. Examity allows those students to take proctored exams from anywhere, at any time.

The partnership between the two tech companies is built upon a shared vision of creating secure online environments that deter cheating and ensure the integrity of high stakes assessments, including exams and qualification tests. The combination of CourseWeaver’s powerful variable randomization engine and Examity’s live-online proctoring, will provide educators with the tools they need to provide quality online assessments, free of cheating.

CourseWeaver users will be able to quickly and easily integrate Examity’s live proctoring system into their current courses. Student and institution pay models are available. For more information, contact us at

“Here at Examity, our goal has always been to create a secure and convenient way for students to complete online assessments. We are pleased to have built a relationship with CourseWeaver and are determined to preserve the integrity of our clients and protect the large majority of students who are both honest and rule-abiding,” said Michael London, CEO.

CourseWeaver’s next-generation learning platform combines the features of Learning/Course Management Systems (LMS/CMS) with adaptive assessment tools, powerful data analytics, OERs/MOOCs, publisher e-books, e-course packs and an integrated global content marketplace. CW’s vision is for the content to be completely integrated into its platform, pushing past the boundaries of simple e-book/e-coursepack initiatives.

The global marketplace allows independent authors, educators and instructors to author, publish and sell educational content alongside commercial publishers and open-source materials; empowering instructors to share, sell and use the best resources available globally. The system includes powerful tools that permit educators to easily create blended or flipped classrooms and completely personalized learning environments.

As Robert Fulk, CEO of CourseWeaver states, “Our mission is to provide the tools that free teachers to teach and part of that mission is creating an online environment free of cheating. The combination of our problem randomization engine and Examity’s live-proctors will be a powerful tool to ensure honest online assessments.”

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Examity® is a recognized leader in online proctoring. Its proctors authenticate test takers, prevent cheating and protect tests from being copied. FairExam® security levels offer the flexibility to select the right type of proctoring at the individual test level. ExamityLink® integrates with any LMS or propriety system, ensuring a seamless user experience. Learn more about Examity® at

CourseWeaver® is an educational software company with a mission to provide educators with flexible, powerful tools that free teachers to teach. The next-generation CourseWeaver platform is disrupting the “educational delivery chain,” from content publishers and content creation software, to LMS/CMS platforms and online learning tools. The next-generation design merges all of these isolated industries with one, seamless learning platform. Learn more about CourseWeaver at