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CourseWeaver's DLE

The Future of Educational Software

CourseWeaver's next generation Digital Learning Environment (DLE) combines the features of Learning/Course Management Systems(LMS/CMS) with adaptive assessment tools, powerful data analytics, OER’s/MOOCS, publisher e-books, e-coursepacks and an integrated global content marketplace.

Design your course or MOOC using original content or select one of our pre-designed templates. Fill your course from our ever-expanding Marketplace of over half a million learning objects from publishers, instructors and authors worldwide; even create and publish your own content for free or profit in the Marketplace! Manage your course and see real-time metrics on both student and content performance, while enjoying the communication features and community our system offers. CourseWeaver's suite of tools allows for seamless sharing of data, vast educational object resources, and the ability to learn and rank content, allowing you to more efficiently communicate with and provide content to your students.

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Course/Content Management

CourseWeaver is built upon an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that makes all its powerful features a mere click away. From managing user roles, grades, content and feedback, CourseWeaver makes it simple and easy to get it all done. Performance statistics for both users and content allow for uniquely tailored lessons that will engage students and inspire them to learn.

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Cutting-Edge Authoring Tools

CourseWeaver's sleek and intuitive user interface provides easy access to the tools and functions you need. Create dynamic, multimedia-rich content that truly randomizes for each student. Our authoring tools make it simple to import your current curriculum, while its powerful features allow you to create new content that will both amaze and engage your students.

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No single instructor, school district, institution or even publisher can possibly keep up with the pace of change in education; fortunately, now they don’t have to. CourseWeaver is designed to facilitate collaboration between educators around the globe, while our integrated Marketplace makes it easier than ever to share and find the content you need.

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CourseWeaver has been designed with integration in mind. From student information systems and single sign-on, to our own API, our goal is to incorporate everything into our system. Whether you're new to CourseWeaver or looking to leave, it’s your content and we believe you should be able to use and maintain full control over it at all times.

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Whether you’re teaching one student or a thousand, our system is designed to fit the needs of every educator. CourseWeaver can easily handle an ever growing amount of users and content while minimizing downtime, to keep you teaching and your students consistently engaged.



With today's rapid pace of technological advancement, privacy is a present and ongoing concern. CourseWeaver addresses this issue by keeping all user data completely secure and offering fully-customizable privacy settings, which allows each institution to decide who can access sensitive information.

CourseWeaver is one-hundred percent compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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The CourseWeaver platform is completely cloud-based, meaning no maintenance, updates or even downloads. Our servers are continuously monitored and maintained, with nearly zero downtime and quick bug fixes.

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Any Device, Any Time

All users have access to all features of the CourseWeaver system from any device, at any time. From smartphones to desktops and everything in between, CourseWeaver’s web app makes it simple to pick up right where you left off, no matter your location.

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Dynamic Assessments

The most flexible, powerful and expandable system for formative and summative assessments, CourseWeaver's platform allows any or all components to be randomized so each student receives a different version of the same problem.

Assessments can be administered online or in printed form with bubble sheets ready for scanning. They easily convert into high-quality printed exams or PDF documents.

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Performance Metrics

Understand student and content performance with the advanced analysis of custom metrics; such as how many times students attempt to answer a question, with what answer, and on which try they answered correctly. Content performance is not only viewable for your courses, but also through our content Marketplace, which shows the general effectiveness of all content in real classrooms.

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Data Import & Migration

CourseWeaver supports content import from all major learning and course management systems, even taking incompatible versions into account. Just as importantly, we provide easy export and migration of your data and materials from our system. Your data and work are a legacy you can and should take with you if you choose another platform in the future.

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Learning Object Repository

Access hundreds of thousands of learning objects from textbook publishers, authors, professors and teachers alike; where free and open-source materials all live together, shared by a growing online global community and available in an easily-accessible format. Access relevant content recommendations that will help you find the best materials to meet your educational goals and objectives.

online marketplace


Become an author and contribute to the marketplace, where you can share content for free or earn micropayments as your material is accessed. Receive real-time statistical data and user feedback from classrooms around the world.

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K-12 Opportunities

Traditional or "flipped" classroom? CourseWeaver is designed to fit the needs of a constantly evolving educational system. From instruction and assessment, to a rich global content marketplace, CourseWeaver enables educators to individualize and pace their curriculum to better match the needs of their students.

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Higher Education Specialties

Designed by educators, for educators, CourseWeaver is has a powerful assessment engine, which provides user access to a phenomenal learning object repository that includes immediate feedback, performance metrics for students and content. CourseWeaver’s technology has a proven track record of success in hundreds of institutions of higher learning across the globe.